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Hello and welcome to the SSE website. Here you will find out all about us, our latest news, events and photos of activities we have already done.

What is SSE??
SSE stands for Somaliland Societies in Europe and it is a network of organizations representing about 45 Somaliland community organizations from 11 European countries. SSE is a voice for Somaliland organizations in Europe since 2001.

Our Mission is:
Our mission is to promote an effective and strong networking, and cooperation among Somaliland organizations in Europe as well as their counterparts in Somaliland.

Our Vision is:
- To have a solid network, which effectively addresses key issues concerning Somaliland Communities in EU countries as well as homeland.

- The highest quality communication and sharing information for all and inclusive network with different actors in the Diaspora as well as in Somaliland.

- Recognized Somaliland as a sovereign state is one of the main visions of the SSE.

SSE values are

Working together

Respect and Valuing others



How we are governed:
SSEs governance arrangements have been designed to ensure that the organization represents and engages efficiently and effectively, with its broad range of members and other partners

The structure includes:

SSE Congress

A Board of Executive committee

An Involvement Network which allows member organisations from across Europe to participate actively the activities and consultations of SSE network.

SSE is an open network and it is good opportunity to encourage all Somaliland organizations in Europe to become members. All members of this organization are expected to treated and to treat each other, with respect irrespective of their age, gender, ethnic and political belief.

Further information:

If you would like further information, please contact SSE executive committee.

Republic of Somaliland: Country Profile

Somaliland is situated on the eastern horn of Africa and lies between the 0800' - 1130' parallel north of the equator and between 42�30' - 49�00' meridian east of the Greenwich. It shares borders with Republic of Djibouti to the west, Federal Republic of Ethiopia to the south and Somalia to the east. Somaliland has a coastal line to the north of the country which extends 460 miles along the Red Sea.


Somaliland is about the size of England and Wales with an area of 137,600km� (68,000 sq. miles).


The major topography features are:

- The low-lying coastal plains known as the Guban, running some 70 km inland with a very hot summer climate

-A high escarpment running east-west, parallel to the coast and rising to over 2000m at Eri Gavo, and

a plateau to the south of the mountains known as Ogo, extending to Ethiopia, with an average altitude

of 1200m.


The country has a tropical monsoon type of climate; however, there are four distinct seasons. A main rainy spring season from April to June is followed by a dry summer season from July to September. There is then a short autumn rainy period from October to November, and finally a long dry winter from December to March. The latter is the most difficult for the animal herding rural population and to the farmers to a lesser scale. If the April-June rains fail, the result is a drought that could kill most animals which have already been weakened by the December-March dry season, which also severely hits the country's economy.

Annual average precipitation ranges from less than 1000 mm on the coast to 500 mm inland except for limited areas where it may reach 900mm. Rain variability is very high. Hargeisa, the capital, for instance, with a long term average of some 400 mm has recorded variations from 209 to 810 mm per annum.

Temperatures also show some seasonal variations. The winter months are normally cool with average December temperatures in the range of 15 - 26C, while the summer months are the hottest averaging 26 - 32C in June.



The population of Somaliland is estimated at around 3.5 million. The average population growth rate is 3.1%. Population density is estimated at approximately 25 persons per sq. kilometer. Fifty-five percent of the population is either nomadic or semi-nomadic, while 45% live in urban centers or rural towns. The average life expectancy for the male is 50 and for females it is 55.

Europe Map for Somaliland Societies | Somaliland Diaspora

Somaliland Map | SSE

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